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Popeyes Sides Menu 2023 | Food That All Love ❤️

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Popeyes Sides Menu

Over the last couple of years, Popeyes has become a very popular fast-food restaurant not just in the United States of America but all over the world. Although they are primarily famous for their fried chicken combos which are truly great, this is not all they serve!  You might be surprised to learn that Popeyes boasts a wide range of excellent sides that are just as popular as the chicken specialties in this particular dining joint.

From biscuits to read beans, you will find almost everything in their sides menu and all of these items are to die for! Regardless of what your age or preference, there is no doubt that you will thoroughly enjoy these Popeyes sides.

Now without any further ado, let us go through some of the best and mouthwatering items on the Popeyes sides menu 2023.

Popeyes Sides Menu

Popeyes Sides Menu

Popeyes Biscuits

Anyone who has been to the Popeyes fast food outlet can tell you that their signature buttermilk biscuits are one of the best Popeyes sides that you can try over there.  These delicious buttermilk biscuits can serve as the perfect appetizer for you before your main course meal.

You might be surprised to know that these biscuits have stayed a constant on the Popeyes regular sides menu ever since their glorious debut back in 1983! Ever since then, they have continued to be a great favorite among those who visit the fast food outlet.

The Popeyes buttermilk biscuits are extremely delicate and soft and crumbly and flaky at the same time. They will just melt in your mouth sweetly! Whether you choose to devour them plain or make your own chicken sando, there is no chance you can go wrong!

Fried chicken might be the signature dish at Popeyes but if you would like to have a complete and highly enjoyable meal, ordering these biscuits is a must for you. Most Popeye visitors around the world consider this particular side dish to be the perfect complement to the chicken and they are not wrong! Each biscuit costs 0.79 dollars so you are not spending too much either to get in the mood! 

Mashed potatoes in gravy

The Popeyes mashed potatoes is another excellent and mouthwatering side dish menu. You may have these potatoes with your fried chicken if you want to truly cherish your Popeyes experience to the fullest! These soft potatoes are a great comfort food and will leave you smacking your lips just after your first bite!

The Popeyes gravy is very rich and strong as well which adds the extra flavor the mashed potatoes making them taste even better! Probably without this gravy, the potatoes would not be as good! This side dish is also very healthy and light and will not make you feel to full after your meal!

All in all, apart from the fried chicken, if you are looking for the best thing at Popeyes, these mashed potatoes dipped in delicious gravy is definitely a strong contender! 

Cajun cheese fries

The Cajun Cheese fries are another specialty featured in the extensive. These hot and crispy fries are massively popular and almost every customer orders them along with the fried chicken! Its simple- you cannot really have Popeyes fried chicken without the cajun cheese fries!

These flavorful and delectable fries are carefully baked and loaded with delicious cheese sauce. The combination of the fries with the cheese sauce is like nothing other and you will be craving for more after you are done with your side serving!

The cherry on the top is that these cajun cheese fries will taste well with about everything on the Popeyes main menu that includes fried chicken burgers, sandwiches and more! If you wish to leave Popeyes with a satisfied smile, it is mandatory for you to get these fries with your meal!

Red beans and rice

When you talk about the sides at Popeyes, the red beans and rice stands out as it is a pleasant contrast to their signature fried chicken. If you are a vegetarian, you are most likely to enjoy this particular dish very much! The red beans have a very creamy and thick texture and a smokey flavor as well that is very appealing!

If you visit Popeyes and not really in the mood for a chicken delicacy, it is highly recommended that you try these beans and rice out! You will not be disappointed! Alternately, this side dish is great to pair with fried chicken if you want something different!

Garlic rice

When you consider all the best Popeyes sides dishes, the garlic rice deserves a worthy mention and then some! This rice serving is very well seasoned and has a fantastic rich flavor that makes sure that you cherish each and every spoonful of the rice! The garlic touch makes the rice an even richer treat for all Popeyes visitors!

The best part about it is that it will taste just as good with anything on the Popeyes main menu- chicken sandwiches, fried chicken chicken nuggets, you name it! Particularly, fried chicken combos at Popeyes go very well with this garlic rice side and makes for an excellent treat!

Cinnamon apple pie

If you have a soft spot for desserts, then you are sure to find the Cinnamon apple pie to be a fantastic treat. You can either have it along with your friend chicken or after it! 

This Popeyes apple pie has a very crisp fried pocket that is perfectly sweet enough with delicious cinnamon sugar on the outside surface. The unique thing about it is that it is crisp and warm on the outside and the inside of the pie is filled with apple filling that will be a huge treat for your taste buds! After your fried chicken meal, this cinnamon apple pie is just the thing you need to wrap up your lunch or dinner in style!


Finally, the Popeyes coleslaw is another great side at the restaurant you can try. It is the ideal complement for all the other sides and will taste refreshing no matter what you have it! 

Coleslaw features finely shredded carrots, raw cabbage, and several other juicy and fresh vegetables with a broad range of salad dressings. All this together means you can expect a cool, crispy and tangy treat that is heavenly! You can even have coleslaw with anything on the Popeyes chicken sides menu and what most people say is that this particular combination is divine in every sense of the word!

Now that we have explore some of the best food at popeyes, let us look at their individual prices.

Popeyes Sides Prices

These are the prices of the most popular side items that you can order at the Popeyes fast food joint. Regular size indicates a normal serving while large size indicates a big serving which might be suitable for more than 1 person.

Side DishSizePrice
Popeyes biscuits1 piece$0.79
Popeyes biscuits6 pieces$3.99
Mashed potatoes in gravyLarge$3.99
Garlic riceRegular$1.79
Red beans and riceLarge$3.99
Cajun cheese friesLarge$3.99
Garlic riceRegular$1.79
Cinnamon apple pieRegular$1.79

Final Word

As you can see, from the Popeyes large sides to the regular ones, this fast food outlet has a broad selection of very exciting and delicious sides. Since their introduction in the menu, they have become incredibly popular all over the world and many prefer to have them with their fried chicken to enjoy a wholesome meal!

There is also an extensive Popeyes sauces menu that you can choose from! These sauces are very rich in flavor and will go very well with most of the sides in this joint. To learn more about what are Popeyes sides, you can visit their official website and it is recommended that you check it out before visiting this place next!


What sides does Popeyes have?

Popeyes is well known for having a rich assortment of Popeyes sides item that include coleslaw, mashed potatoes with gravy, garlic rice, red beans, cajun cheese fries and many more including delicious chicken sides! You can order any of these sides along with your main course meal and have an absolute blast! Also, as you can see in the table above, the sides are rather economical so you are not really paying a fortune for anything!

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