Popeyes Kids Meal – Special Deals for Kids

Popeyes kids meal is a very popular at Popeyes restaurant primarily known for their signature chicken which is a delicious treat all by itself. You will be glad to know that their extensive menu does not just cater to adults. There are various kids Popeyes meals as well that are included in their menu. These meals are usually small in size to match the appetite of small kids and feature all kinds of things that your child will enjoy very much.

You can even choose from a broad array of different sauces that your kid can try! Even if your kid is a picky eater, he or she will enjoy their Popeyes meal very much indeed.

Down below, you can read all about the various kid meals that you can buy for your child when you visit this place with your family.

Popeyes Kids Meal

Popeyes Kids Meal

Chicken leg Kids Meal

This one happens to be one of the most popular Popeyes kids meals in this popular dining joints! The meal features a delicious Popeyes chicken drumstick along with a refreshing small cold drink and a standard side like French fries. The Popeyes chicken leg is carefully marinated in Louisiana seasonings and then it is hand-battered and friend deeply before being served. The chicken is very juicy and tender and your kid is sure to enjoy it tremendously!

Popeyes Chicken Nugget Meal

The Popeyes chicken nuggets meal is another in-demand kids meal option your child can try when you are over there. There is no doubt that every Popeyes child loves nuggets and your kind will do so as well!

There are 4 pieces of chicken nuggets in this meal that comewith your choice of a regular side, dipping sauce, and a small-sized drink. You may pick from an assortment of dipping sauces that will go very well with these nuggets. These chicken nuggets are bite-sized chicken breast pieces that have been breaded and battered before they are deep-fried. The breading boasts a pleasantand juicy crunch and you will see that it is thicker than the tenders. That, said, they are just as delectable and your kid will go crazy over them!

Chicken Tender Meal

The chicken tender meal was recently introduce in the Popeyes kids menu and since then it is very popular among the little ones! If you are visiting Popeyes with your family, you should definitely consider this kids meal for your child! It includes a mild chicken tender with any dipping sauce of your choice along with a small drink and a regular side to complete the meal. 

The tender crust is very juicy and crisp and the chicken has a very thick texture which means it is an absolute treat for anyone!  Also, the chicken tender is not too big in size so you do not have to worry about any left overs if your kid has a small appetite.

Now let us look at some of the other famous Popeyes kids deals that you can get for your little one!

Other Popeyes Deals for Kids

In addition, Popeyes also offers a number of other combo special deals exclusively for kids. These are few of the most popular ones that kids usually prefer when this visit this fried chicken restaurant.

Deal 1

1 leg, Small Fries and A Small Drink

This particular Popeyes deal is a favorite among kids! It features one leg, a small drink and small fries. These chicken leg and crispy fries are perfect combination for your children.

Deal 2

Crispy Chicken Burger, Small Fries and Small Drink

What kid does not love chicken burgers? This treat is often the number one choice of children these days and your kids can enjoy it at the Popeyes dining joint when they buy this deal. In this combo, they can get a delicious and mouthwatering chicken burger, small fries as the side and a small drink which overall makes for a fantastic meal 

Deal 3

2 Handmade Strips, Small Fries, Small Drink and A Dipping Sauce

This particular Popeyes deal is another favorite among kids! It features two handmade strip, a small drink and small fries. These chicken strips have a very juicy flavor that the Popeye children will absolutely crave and much more!

The best part is that your kids will get a toy as well with all of these deals which is a great bonus for your child!

Final Takeaway!

From the Popeyes nugget meal to the chicken tender combo, there is no doubt that Popeyes offers a variety of kids meal that are part of their extensive menu. These meals for children are delicious and kids of all ages just love them. Whether you have a 3 year old or an 8 year old, the Popeyes kids meal is just the thing you need to get for them.

Furthermore, all the kids meals are packaged in very colorful bags with a toy inside. So that your child will be fully entertained when he or she is at Popeyes. You can visit the Popeyes website as well to know more about the different kids combos they are serving in their various branches around the world.

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