Popeyes Catering Menu 2023

From the beginning Popeyes Louisiana kitchen has been very inspiring and one of the successful food chains. It can be seen from Popeyes day to day progress that Popeyes have been taking care of their customers’ demands. 

Being the top world restaurant, Popeyes have different locations with a diverse range of menus. Whenever they introduce any new item in their menu, the feedback of customers shows the infinite love and demand of Popeyes.

Similarly, on demand of customers Popeyes introduced its catering menu to provide its customers the advantage of enjoying its delicious food even on their special events e.g. catering for office meetings, private parties and birthdays.

Popeyes Catering Menu 2023

Can’t decide what should be on the food menu for your next birthday or your loved ones birthday? 

Worried about feeding a whole crew of members at a seminar or office meeting? 

Then, it’s time to be stress free now, because Popeyes have got you covered with its most demanding catering menu.

Benefits of choosing Popeyes catering menu over any other:

  • The menu offers a diverse range of food items.
  • You can feed a gang of more than fifty people.
  • It has food varieties for toddlers as well as adults.
  • The menu is very Budget friendly.

Pricing for Popeyes catering menu:

Heads up to your nearest Popeyes, if you’re about to organize a party for more than 50 people because Popeyes has got an offer that includes:

Popeyes Catering Menu Price
  • 50 pc mixed chicken or handmade tenders, 1 party side dish (for 2-24 guests), 2 dozen biscuits , and plenty more side options : mashed potatoes w/ Cajun gravy & red beans rice.

This offer is perfect for your appetite as it will tantalize your taste buds. Also, it is up to you that how much you want the level of spices in your food order. If you like to keep it mild spicy or over-spiced; it will depend upon you.

Moreover, there is no need to be worried if you want a catering menu for more than 500 people because Popeyes also offer food menus with unlimited servings. Given below are some mind-blowing deals that Popeyes catering menu offers:

Popeyes Catering Menu that Serves 20 people

Looking for a budget friendly place to celebrate your success with your family or friends?

Go and get your hands on Popeyes catering menu that offers twenty people at a time. The offer includes 60 pieces of chicken tender or mixed chicken, one side dish. Accompanied by two dozen buttermilk biscuits (24 totals). And guess what? This only costs $120.

Let’s cater for a party of 30 persons

Love to organize parties for your loved ones or for professional purposes? At the same time, you’re tensed about ordering good food with good taste and quality. No need to be tensed anymore because once again Popeyes has become a savior with its catering menu for 30 people. The menu has the most delicious 75 pc mixed chicken or 90 handcrafted tenders, with two party sides of your choice, 3 dozen biscuits’ all for only $180.

Popeyes Catering Menu to Serves 50

If you’re looking for Popeyes party tray, then this offer has   100 pieces of mixed mouthwatering chicken that becomes the sight of perfection for foodies as it comes with 3 side options as well as 4 dozen biscuits. The offer itself is a guarantee that your party will be successful and enjoying costing you only $280.

What to choose if you’re organizing a big grand event?

From small to large parties, Popeyes catering menu is for all. Let’s say you want a catering menu for 75 people, then go for their offer of $410 that consists of a mouthwatering selection of the most  popular and tasty appetizers with 150 PC mixed chickens or handcrafted tenders, 4 party sides, and 6 dozen biscuits (72 biscuits).

Similarly, if you want to surprise your partner who loves Popeyes at your engagement ceremony; Go for its menu that serves 100 people, a perfect menu for engagement ceremony that will make your partner happy on the most important day of his/her life. The menu offers the happiness of 200 PC mixed chicken and handcrafted tenders with 6 party sides and 8 dozen biscuits only for $550. What more do you want?


How much is Popeyes catering?

Popeye’s catering varies on the category you choose to serve different number of people:

To serve 20 people$120
To serve 30 people$180
To serve 50 people$280
To serve 70 people$410
To serve 100 people$550

Why Popeyes Catering is the right choice?

Popeyes catering menu is the perfect choice for those looking for budget friendly, tasty food options to cater large number of people.

You can check more menus at Popeyesallmenu.com.

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