Popeyes Cajun Fries and Calories 2023

Aside from its signature crispy chicken, Popeyes cajun fries has a lot going on for it. Take the cajun fries as an example. Popeyes fries are crunchy, flavorful, and go well with any dipping sauce the combinations are endless! The delectable dish is available on the menu for you to consume anytime. So if you are nearby with an empty stomach, satiate that hunger by having a bite of Popeyes cajun fries! 

Popeyes Cajun Fries are a popular menu item at the fast food chain Popeyes. They are known for their unique flavor, which is a blend of spices including paprika, garlic, and cayenne pepper, that gives them a spicy, crunchy texture.

The fries are thin-cut and crispy, making them the perfect side dish to accompany Popeyes’ famous fried chicken. Customers often rave about the delicious flavor and satisfying crunch of the Cajun Fries, making them a staple in the chain’s menu offerings.

The smokey-tasting french fries will surely give you a hefty ride, making you smack your lips and lick your fingers by the end of it. We don’t want to waste the seasoning, do we? That is what gives Popeyes french fries its entire identity that not many have yet to perfectly replicate. It is a unique Popeyes staple, after all. Curious to know what is in it? Wonder no more!

Cajun Fries Seasoning

A question that remains prevalent about Popeyes regards the seasonings for french fries. How does the restaurant do it? It has captured the heart and mouths of people worldwide, so what is the secret? This question has surely been at the back of each person’s head each time they have a bite of Popeyes fries. So let us unveil the information and see just what goes into the seasoning of the fries, shall we? 

Lastly, though, there is one thing to keep in mind: even if you try to recreate it at home, it will not be up to par with the real thing.

The seasoning includes:

  • Pepper
  • Cayenne
  • Oregano
  • Salt
  • Red Chilli Powder
  • Onion Powder
  • Garlic Powder

Of course, there are more spices in the cajun seasoning, but this is the bulk of the mysterious ingredients. You can try to make it at home and experiment with various different flavoring and decide what best suits your taste. Call it a copycat recipe because it is a copy of it and will not reach the real thing.

You can get a ton of french fry seasoning ideas online, especially those copycat websites.

You can even create a new recipe while trying to mimic the original thing. It is all about experimentation in the kitchen, and although it will take some time to come close to the real thing, don’t think about giving up until you have something to go off of. Good luck in the kitchen!

Popeyes Fries Ingredients

Now that we have got the seasoning out of the way, the wonder of the fries itself comes up. What type of potatoes are used to make such delicious fries? The answer is russet potatoes, perfect for fries due to their low moisture content and ability to maintain their form when cooked. It is actually a simple process: after soaking and thoroughly drying them, you cut them into even strips and season them. 

For the most outstanding flavor, bake them with the seasoning and serve them while they are still hot. You want the seasoning to really seep into the fries, so they come out made to eat. You can make these fries at home easily.

Popeyes Fries Calories

popeyes cajun fries

Another question is about the calories for the fries. How much does Popeyes large fries calories contain? What about the regular? Your questions will be answered here. 

Regular302 cal$1.79
Large770 cal$3.99

As you can see, the fries contain quite a bit of calories, especially Popeyes large fries. Considering this, it is advised to indulge in the fries occasionally instead of making it a habit.

Fast food packs a bunch of calories in a small food item, though that is not too surprising. Is it worth it? Yes. Should you eat it every day? No. A few times a month should be sufficient if you are wary about your diet.

Popeyes Fried Turkey Price

Speaking of cajun, the fries are not the only ones lathered with spice. Wait until you find out what the food item is! Here is a hint: Thanksgiving. That is right, Popeyes sells cajun fried turkey around the holiday. A spicy turkey? Yes, please. That is not something you see every day, so you can consider it unique. 

The price of a popeye fried turkey starts at $39.99 and varies depending on location. Customers can place their orders in advance by phoning or visiting the restaurant and saving one for themselves.

Unfortunately, they are limited, so you are going to have to rush to get one if they are not already finished! The price may appear costly at first, but after you get a taste of the exquisite flavors, it becomes so worth the money. So start out your next thanksgiving with a Popeyes cajun fried turkey.


Cajun fries Popeyes are one of a kind; people can try to replicate the seasoning but never get it right. They are easy to make and require a lot of experimenting, but the best place to eat them is at Popeyes! It is successful for a reason, don’t you think? Despite packing a lot of calories, it has grown to be people’s favorite.

The addition of the fried turkey makes it even better because you have got two things lathered in this immaculate seasoning.

All in all, the cajun spice makes the fries and turkey unique to Popeyes you can taste one with a blindfold and immediately detect where it is from. The Louisiana blend has not failed anyone and will continue to thrive because it gives people’s mouths a party of flavors meshing together delicately.


What Are Cajun Fries?

Popeyes fries are crunchy, flavorful, and go well with any dipping sauce the combinations are endless! The smokey-tasting french fries will surely give you a hefty ride, and the cajun seasoning is what gives Popeyes french fries its entire identity.

How Much Are Popeyes Fries?

Here are the sizes for Popeyes and how much they are worth:

Regular302 cal$1.79
Large770 cal$3.99

Are Popeyes Fries Vegan?

The fries themselves are vegan, but they are fried in animal fat or share a frier with nonvegan food, which takes away from the vegan title.

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